Our Services

GRN Sugarloaf is deeply rooted in the foodservice and food distribution industry, working in partnership with our clients to alleviate pressures that come with finding the right talent.

Why work with us?

The talent you are looking for is not actively looking for you. Over the past 12 years, in excess of 93% of the executives and professionals we have placed were passive candidates. This means they were not seeking a career move when our team contacted them. This critical statistic highlights the effort needed to find the right person for your business, which is where GRN Sugarloaf leans in. We invest the time upfront to learn your requirements and leverage our internal resources to identify passive talent. This takes the weight off your team’s shoulders and gives you back critical time needed to focus on your business.

If you choose to work with us on an open role, you can expect the GRN Sugarloaf team to:

  1. Conduct a thorough intake call with your stakeholders to:
    • Understand your business, culture and people - this is critical, as we are representing you in the marketplace
    • Clarify responsibilities and requirements of the position
    • Define your company’s interview process, including how you prefer to receive candidates

  2. Source & identify qualified professionals in the industry, and:
    • Determine a short list of candidates
    • Pre-vet each candidate thoroughly in two interviews with GRN Sugarloaf (one phone and one video)
    • Provide recaps of professional references, as determined by you
    • Conduct one-on-one coaching calls with candidates in preparation for your company’s interviews

  3. Guide & support throughout your company’s internal interview process, such as:
    • Facilitate scheduling and logistics on your behalf
    • Act as an advisor to you throughout the interview process
    • Pivot our search efforts, if needed, based on your feedback

  4. Throughout the offer stage, we will:
    • Pre-close candidates to protect against counter or competitive offers
    • Ensure compensation expectations are aligned
    • Guide candidate through their resignation
    • Assist with organizing details leading up to start date

Service Agreement Options

GRN Sugarloaf offers Contingent, Engaged, and Retained Search agreements that can be tailored to your needs.